Mouth Piece dishes on CBC Radio Windsor Morning!


Nope. Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept waking up because I was worried I’d sleep in and miss the 7:25am date with CBC Windsor Morning for an interview about Mouth Piece. You know how that happens the night before an exciting morning! I awoke at 6am. My body was like, um, it’s still dark outside. Wuzzzhappening?!! Needless to say, the wake-everyone-up and get to the station on time craziness worked, and the kids and I made it there on time. (Yes, I brought the kids. Thought they would like to see what live radio is like. I think they were sleeping with their eyes open!)

I was nervous and excited. Jonathan(Pinto) and Tony (Doucette) were lovely! We talked stories and food and Mouth Piece. Thank you CBC Windsor Morning!

Here’s the interview, in case you missed it!

Vanessa is interviewed on CBC Windsor Morning about Mouth Piece – The Food Edition

And here are some photos of the experience…sleepy little ones included!

 11753709_878407402241235_635953077226744260_n 11947607_878407442241231_8261346907796027548_n 11990547_878407462241229_8710802593385890879_n 12003396_878407418907900_925133280228473938_n 12003965_878407378907904_9039521772613443485_n 12009640_878407305574578_6283345860249480363_n

We’ll see you at Rino’s Kitchen tomorrow night. 7:30pm sharp the storytelling will begin! @MouthStories !


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