Guest Storyteller for Holidaze Event Announced!


We are abundantly joyful to announce that Windsor photographer Sandi Wheaton will be the Guest Storyteller for our upcoming holiday Mouth Piece event.

Sandi has traveled the world taking photos that lift your heart and breath into another dimension! Sharing stories about what ‘home’ means to her, Sandi will take the stage at Vesta Pizzeria and certainly wow us !


We know the holidays fill up quickly with family and friends and eating and loving – but all the more happenings to make stories that are begging to be shared!

Our theme: Home for the Holidaze is one that is open to heart-felt interpretation. Tell us what ‘home’ means to you. Tell us about a wild or awful gift you gave or received. Got a funny food-at-home story – share it! Sift through your story database and uncover a story about what ‘home’ and ‘holidays’ means to you!

Happy Holidaze everyone! See you on the stage!



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