Podcasts Will Be Ready For Our Next Event!

photo 1

So being on vacation really helps us get stuff done! The hubby and I (mostly the hubby – sweet man!) are working away on finishing the podcasts for the first two Mouth Piece shows.

As I think about it…and experience the workload of having this part of Mouth Piece a recurring thing, I’m thinking that we will (for now) definitely keep recording the show, but only have a the MP3s here on the site. If you’d like to listen or share with your friends, all the recorded shows will be here at various places on the site. No separate link to a podcast site/place. I hope that’s okay!

I have to continue to learn the system of recording and editing…or at least always have someone around who can do it for/with me. Sometimes that’s a lot to ask of a friend (or hubby) who is also busy doing his/her own things/work. I have the swing of the producing parts, the writing and recording my own voice/intros/etc…but I’m not a radio host or an editor (at least not outside of word editing!).

What I’m saying is that it’s a lot more work than I anticipated and so we’re gonna keep the recordings nestled here at the site for you to listen to and share. That’s all.

And..it will likely always take longer than we want (or that you want to wait for!) to get the shows up – but we’re doing it! Slowly but surely.

Thanks again for your patience. Please know that one of the reasons I began Mouth Piece was to record and archive the amazing stories our community has to offer. We’ll never not record the shows. They’ll always find their way into an MP3 that you can go back to anytime you want. It’s super important to us – and to you and the stories – that they find a place to be shared, collected and listened to over and over. We’re committed to that.

See you soon!


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