Next Mouth Piece – The Road

We’ve confirmed that the next Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Road will take place on Monday, April 11 at The Foundry Pub (we kinda fell in love with the pub at our last event!). The theme is ‘The Road’ and is in honour of National Poetry Month, that also has the same theme. At this event, I have gathered the trifecta of leaders in Windsor’s poetry scene – namely: Toast – Open Mic host Benny Alexander, Windsor Poetry Slam’s poetry slammer Courtney King (representing founder Matt Loeb), and Free Verse host and creator Teajai Travis (also the genius behind The Bloomfield House). I’ve always wanted to get all of us together, and it seemed a perfect opportunity during National Poetry Month.

This will still be a storytelling event. Our Guest Storytellers will be sharing stories about their ‘road’ to poetry. This is a theme that, we believe, will garner some inspirational stories. Think about your life and the ‘roads’ you’ve taken in love, family, work, adventure, pain, illness, survival…This is a wide and broad area of human experience!

We look very forward to seeing you in the audience or on the stage!



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