PLEASE join us at our First Annual Master Mouth-Off Event! We welcome to the stage the Master Mouth Piece’s from 2015 Greg, Joe, Danah, Nathasha, Nathanya and Jodi!


Greg (unfortunately, Greg cannot participate this time! Next time?!)

Storyteller Joe tells a story about two turkeys - the one he kept and the one that got away.

Storyteller Joe tells a story about two turkeys – the one he kept and the one that got away.


Storyteller Danah – what does your license smell like?


Natasha – our lover!





So, here’s how it’s going work on the night. Our Master Mouth Piece’s will have five minutes to tell a story using ONE of the following themes: Books, Food, Home for the Holidaze, Love, The Road, Music (the themes we had for last year’s competitions). Our Guest Storytellers Satori Shakoor and Dameon Wilburn, as well as some local guests, will be our judges, and vote on a Grand Master Mouth Piece. There will be a surprise prize for our winners, cash prizes for all the Master Mouth Pieces, and more!

We will be serenaded by local funk band the Soul Delegation, and resident Mouth Piece DJ Cam will spin us into a dancing frenzy. This is not a black tie event, but the Rondo will be fancied up with tables and lighting, and we hope to create a snazzy atmosphere for this first annual event.

As per our mission, this event is FREE! It will also be sound recorded and put to podcast.

This Master Mouth-Off is only for Master Mouth Piece’s and the Guest Storytellers in terms of storytelling. So, you dear audience member, get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We will be announcing the next THREE Mouth Piece Storytelling regular season competition teams and dates so you can start thinking about your stories and participation!

Thank you again for all your support over the last year! We look very forward to seeing you at our first annual Master Mouth-Off event!

We are Mouth Piece Storytelling – Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is!


FB: MouthpieceStorytelling

This event has been possible in part by:



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